Version 1.3 released

Version 1.3 of Mobile DMX is now in the Google, Amazon and Apple App Stores. This mostly fixes a couple of bugs, and has improved performance.

There is also a free trial version (Mobile DMX Trial) in the Google and Amazon stores. This is fully featured, but switches the lights off for a minute every so often. This allows all the features to be tested, but can’t really be used for a live performance.

There is no trial version for the iPad version, because Apple have refused to allow it to be released into their App Store (they don’t allow trial versions). We are looking into the possibility of releasing a free Lite version for iPad with a restricted feature set.

Version 1.1 for Android released

Version 1.1 of Mobile DMX has been released to the Google Play Store. It should also be appearing shortly in the Amazon App Store.

There are quite a few minor improvements and bug fixes, but the major change is that Dropbox is now supported for saving and restoring backups.

A version for iPads will be released to the Apple App Store in the next few days.